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In Telemark, Norway, we have developed a technique which lifts, moves and provides working space. We can renew parts of buildings which are damaged or destroyed, or need new «suits». Our desire is to preserve culture and values of culture!

The patent is Norwegian and is tested out on more than 400 buildings.

We want new skilled partners, and we want to increase our market share and have a good reputation. We can teach and sell consultancy. Our technology can be hired out.

This is the ideal solution for clients wanting to:

  • Take care of the original
  • Save money on preserving
  • Restore old buildings
  • Afford further business
  • Find pleasure in preserving

The benefits of our technique – we can:

  • Avoid unnessesary demolition
  • Preserve the excisting technical equipment
  • Move buildings or constructions
  • Lift up and insert new floors
  • Lift up and build new foundation
  • Avoid demolition, but move the structure instead
  • Give structures a permanent location
  • Renew several floors with only one setup

Image presentation of Lofthus LiftJig and Rauland Stav og Laft

The presentation to the right presents us and our collaborator Rauland Stav og Laft in pictures from our work both in Telemark and around the world.

Some of our projects

Loft, Midttveit

In 1988 the owners of this loft wanted to move it. The technology lifted, the transportation vehicle was moved in under, and the loft was then placed on a new location.

Nothing of the original was damaged, and the client saved a nice amount of money and lots of worries.

Loft Midttveit
Hedared kyrkje

Hedared Stave Church

The only remaining stave church in Sweden.

Here we renewed only the damaged parts. We provided space for first-class workmanship. At the same time we took care of antiquarian values, and no valuables were damaged during the operation. Proper materials were put back on the right place.

Swiss residence, Sandefjord

This swiss residence had to be moved or demolished.

Our technology had a solution! We lifted up the house and moved on. All the valuables were taken unchanged to the new location. The client was saved from huge expences, and at the same time claims for compensation from the authorities where regulation result in demolition was prevented.

Sveitserbustad Sandefjord


The technology is tested out in Russland among other countries.

It can provide space for working on several levels. It can be adjusted for use on the specific object. The work can be carried out under the excisting roof. It takes care of what is left of valuables. It provides new suitable parts to be built in.

St. Nicholas, in the Kenozero Park

Renewing of woodwork on several levels. No demolition of the main construction. Remarkable reduction in construction period. Only damaged parts were renewed and the antiquarian appearence is preserved!

St. Nikolaskapellet
Filipovskaya kyrkje


The technology puts legs under the most!

Huge weight is not an obstacle, but a challenge! The constructions have been straightened up and given new foundations. Both the owners and we became satisified.

Collaborate with us?

The technology is invented by Bjarne Lofthus in Telemark, Norway. Lofthus LiftJig AS is interested in business partners in other countries. We want contact with firms of contractors with competence and ability to carry out tasks and marketing in different countries.

The technology is patented and we want partners to carry ouy tasks where these might turn up.

Buildings of wood, steel, concrete, brickwork or other constructions can find use in our technology.

Our team

Bjarne Lofthus and Torstein Tveito in St. Petersburg

Bjarne Lofthus and Torstein Tveito in Russia.

Contact information

General manager: Torstein E. Tveito
942 76 052

Chairman: Bjarne Lofthus
917 92 742

Board member: Nils Petter Due
992 13 273

We look forward to hearing from you!

You find us here

Dalanvegen 1737
N-3850 Kviteseid

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